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For me, the compositional process always starts with a musical motive, harmonic idea, or vague stylistic impression. Coming up with a title usually happens much later in the development of the work, sometimes at the very end. In contrast, the inspiration for the creation of Se-SAW was its title, a clever acronym provided by Biloxi High School Band Director, Travis Coakley, at the time of the commission, along with the expectation that the piece depict playtime with children. Upon receipt of the finished draft, Mr. Coakley kindly supplied this program note and dedication:

Playtime for children is a sacred and special time. It is during this time when a child’s imagination is allowed to run wild with adventures full of unlimited possibilities. The composition Se-SAW attempts to capture the fun, the excitement, and the zaniness that playtime encapsulates.

For parents, it is truly special when a child asks, “Will you play with me?” This piece is dedicated to Sarah, Alice, and William Coakley and their mother Selina for whom the piece is named. Thank you for always allowing me to join in your adventures. It means more than you will ever know.”